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Getting to know us

Give us a month.  The church is not a building or an event - it is the people.  It takes time to get to know people.  If you are new to Advent or thinking about visiting we encourage to take your time to get to know us.

The best place to start?
Join us for a worship service.

If you’re new to the area, new to church, or just looking for a new start, our Sunday morning worship services offer you the opportunity to build your faith in God and connect with new people.

Sundays at 10:00 AM in person or Livestreamed

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What happens at worship?

Services are about 60 minutes long and dress is casual.


As Lutherans we follow the orderly seasons of the church year for our scripture readings and find comfort in the knowing that the order of the church service is always the same.  While we consider ourselves a progressive church you will not find a praise band and fancy videos in our worship services.

You may enter the church via the main doorways under the portico or the south entrance.  An usher should be available to greet you and hand you a bulletin.  You will find the order of the service in the bulletin and where to find the hymns and liturgy.  We consider being in the sanctuary at time of quiet to prepare ourselves for God's word.

Children are welcomed in our services.  Our nursery is not staffed at this time, but you are welcome to use the space.  The rooms have audio of the service.

All believers are welcome to receive Holy Communion, where Christ offers himself for strength and forgiveness. Those not communing may come forward for a blessing.


Find a small group that matches your life.


What makes church special is not just the event, but also the relationships we build that help us stay faithful to God.

Whether you’re a single professional, a college student or a parent of a special needs child, we have a ministry that we’d love for you to be a part of. Check out our ministries page to find a small group that you can get connected with.

For more information about the beliefs of Advent Lutheran church check out our About page and to

Interested in Joining Advent

Thanks for considering Advent as your church home

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