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Life Events

Faith Stepping Stones

The Faith Stepping Stones program seeks to celebrate significant milestones in the faith journey of our children. Stepping Stones begin at baptism and end at high school graduation. Families attend classes together and will be lifted up in a special blessing during worship. We bless the child, gift the family and call parents to the promises of baptism. 


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#1 – Holy Baptism (Baptisms from previous year)

#2 - Entry into Sunday School (Age 3)

#3 - First Holy Communion – (usually 1st/2nd grade)


#4 - First Bible - (Spring of Third Grade)

#5 - Entering Confirmation - (Fall of 6th Grade)


#6 – Rite of Confirmation - (Fall of 9th Grade)


#7 – High School Graduation – (Spring of 12th Grade)


Baptism is the entry rite into Christian faith. It is an act instituted by God, performed using water in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, whereby the baptized is united with Christ. Baptism is one of two sacraments for Lutherans, the other being Holy Communion.


A church wedding is a Christian worship service celebrating God’s love for and commitment to the couple and the world, as well as the love and commitment God has given the members of the couple for each other. 

Wedding Decorations

The death of a baptized Christian, one who has lived in the communion of the church, is an occasion for thanksgiving and the proclamation of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Every activity surrounding such a death and burial should point to the good news of the gospel.

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