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Get Involved at Advent

Next Generation

The spiritual development of a child starts at birth.  Advent has many ways to help parents in the spiritual development of their children.  The Faith Stepping Stones program listed below marks the milestones in that faith journey starting with baptism and continuing on through graduation.

Small Groups

At Advent, we believe that growth doesn't just happen on the weekend; it continues throughout the week. It continues in quiet times, prayers, conversations, and small groups. Small groups are where we become spiritual family. Where faith is stirred, assumptions are challenged, and friends are made. 

Property workers.jpg
Serving at Advent

If you ask most churchgoers who they view as servants in the church, they will likely point to the most prominent individuals: the pastor, the music team, and the Sunday school teachers. We often take for granted the host of people who are working behind-the-scenes, but chairs don’t magically line up each Sunday, and the online video does not tape itself. While there are more visible manifestations of Christian service, such as teachers and worship leaders, there are many ways members serve in the church.

Make a Difference Beyond Advent

Our members are involved in projects  from gathering school supplies to sponsoring children in Ethiopia and Zambia


Let's Make A Difference

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