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Advent Preschool


Advent offers a preschool to our members and the community.  Classes are available for 2.5 year-olds, 3 year-olds, 4 year-olds, and 5 year-olds.


At Advent Preschool, children will not only be exposed to early-learning instruction, they will also learn how to socialize with peers and teachers, develop listening skills, and participate in positive group interaction. In addition, they will learn how to compromise, be respectful of others, and problem-solve. Preschool provides a place where your child can gain a sense of self, explore, play with their peers, and build confidence as they grow.

Philosophy and Purpose

Our philosophy is developmental in nature with concern for the needs of the whole child.  Although intellectual development is an important part of our program, we feel that social, emotional, and physical developments are equally vital.  Our purpose is to provide a quality educational program with a loving and caring Christian atmosphere.

Enrollment information

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Laura Broeckelman, Program Director



We strive to meet the following goals:


  • To develop positive self-image

  • To develop inner security and love

  • To develop a positive attitude toward learning

  • To foster security

  • To develop skills in problem solving, decision making, and constructive thinking

  • To develop gross motor and fine motor skills 

  • To develop respect for others and for property

  • To develop social skills to interact positively with peers and adults

  • To develop pre-reading and pre-math skills in a fun and creative way

  • To develop an appreciation of music through singing, dancing, and listening as it becomes part of her or her environment

  • To develop creativity through hands-on art, stories, and imaginative play



  • 2.5 Year-Olds: Our program for 2.5 year-olds is designed to be a first independent social setting. The children are exposed to creative activities and purposeful play in a safe and loving environment suited to help them build confidence as they grow.


  • 3 Year-Olds: Our program for 3 year-olds is designed to be primarily social in nature.  The children are exposed to music, art, story time, and imaginative play in a gentle and supportive atmosphere. They will experience age-appropriate learning activities to help foster a love of learning.


  • 4 Year-Olds: Our program for 4 year-olds is designed to focus on socialization and early-learning skills.  We encourage development of independence in the areas of pre-math, pre-reading, science, social studies, arts and crafts, music, letters, number, shape recognition, and listening skills. They will participate in story time, creative projects, and engaging learning experiences.


  • 5 Year-Olds: Our program for 5 year-olds is designed for the child that needs another year to grow before entering kindergarten.  While having the same focus as our 4 year-old program, this program will include added activities that reinforce and build on valuable skills they will utilize when they enter the wonderful world of kindergarten.


  • Each will include Chapel Time, in which a member of our pastoral staff talks about the week's theme.  Bible stories, songs, and a prayer complete this time in the sanctuary.


Class Times and Fees  23/24 school year


All class times are from 9:00am-11:30am.


  • 2.5 Year-Olds

    • Tuesday/Thursday : $175.00/mo


  • 3 Year-Olds:

    • Tuesday/Thursday: $175.00/mo

    • Monday/Wednesday/Friday: $225.00/mo


  • 4 Year-Olds:

    • Monday/Wednesday/Friday: $225.00/mo

    • Monday-Thursday: $255.00/mo


  • 5 Year-Olds:

    • Monday-Friday: $275.00/mo


*Extended care program available for all ages Monday-Thursday until 2:30pm. $25.00/day.

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