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We believe that Baptism is the Church’s entry rite.  Baptism brings us into the Church, Christ’s living body on earth. 


In the beginning of the ELCA baptismal service, we acknowledge first that Baptism is God’s act, God’s initiative and God’s gift.  It connects us to Jesus, the Church and eternal life. 


That is fundamental to ELCA Lutherans’ baptismal theology. 

  • Families are encouraged to worship on a regular basis.

  • Although most baptisms are infants, youth and adults may also be baptized.

  • All baptisms take place during the worship service.

  • The baptism must be scheduled and cleared with the church calendar.

  • A special song or hymn may be requested.

  • No flash photography during the service.  Photos can be taken after the service.

Pastor will invite parents and sponsors to come forward after the sermon, during the song after the message. 

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